MTN and Gwinnett County Detention Center Partnership

by Gabe Loyd on January 27, 2011

in Giving

Gwinnett_Public_Lobby_smallOn August 1st 2010 MTN began a new partnership with the Gwinnett County Detention Center.  Gwinnett County Detention Center is the premier facility in the Southeast accommodating approximately 3500 inmates.  MTN has agreed to take point in the newly established re-entry program in Gwinnett County.  The program has been put in place to assist men leaving the jail that have nowhere to go and no means to establish themselves.  In the first 5 months we have taken in 35 men from GCDC.  MTN forecasts approximately 100 men annually from the GCDC.  The process for the men is very simple and is listed below.

1) The individual needing help writes an inmate request for a MTN application.

2) The applications are picked up by MTN and reviewed for information gathering.

3) Jane and I interview all applicants and determine if MTN is the right program for them.  If not, we provide information for them to seek assistance elsewhere.

4) Upon release, the individual is picked up from the GCDC and transported by MTN to a ministry home to begin their journey.

MTN is happy to assist the Gwinnett Community with the re-entry program.  The program significantly reduces the likelihood of repeat offenses.  MTN looks forward to partnering with the community in meeting the needs of the community.  The financial support of local businesses and organizations is critical in maintaining a window of opportunity for the homeless men.

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